Design & Development

Electrochem® has a staff of design experts which include cell chemists and mechanical and electrical engineers who have the in-depth knowledge required to keep value and performance high.

At Electrochem, we understand the criticality of power to your applications. We partner with you on your applications from inception through successful field usage. Involving our team early on in the design process enables the optimization of your battery and application.

We closely manage our supplier relationships to ensure components meet or exceed your application requirements. Through proven design methodologies we ensure optimal cost without compromising quality or reliability. We have real-world knowledge in the needs of our core markets.

Our objective is to understand customer specifications, design power systems that meet these requirements, verify and validate the requirements are met, and efficiently scale up our production processes. Our experience and wealth of expertise enables us to deliver projects on time and on budget based on the following principles:

Cell Test Room
  • New products developed and released using a deliverables-focused New Product Introduction (NPI) process which guarantees accurate translation of customer requirements
  • Diverse experience in electrical and mechanical engineering, cell chemistry, manufacturing and project management provides for optimal design
  • Design-for-manufacturing principles ensure higher system reliability and lower costs
  • Reliability ensured through comprehensive Design Failure Mode Effect and Analysis (DFMEA) and Process Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (PFMEA) processes
  • Rapid prototyping capabilities including 3D printing and internal machining capabilities