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Product Name For over 30 years, companies from around the world have chosen Electrochem for the best in non-rechargeable and rechargeable power solutions. Synonymous with performance, reliability and safety, we’re found in critical market applications for high-demand industries including portable medical, military, aerospace, energy and environmental – ensuring operational success where failure is not an option.

With a diverse portfolio of cells in various sizes, temperature ranges and rate capabilities, our team can design a custom battery pack that meets the unique needs of your portable power application and differentiates your product in the increasingly competitive global market. Our focus is designing solutions for long term, zero-defect performance. Our experts work with suppliers and customers to make sure all criteria are met and that we are delivering the best value and highest performing solution available. Our battery packs, chargers, docking stations and power supplies improve your product's runtime and reduce charge time while decreasing size and weight.

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