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Engineering & Technology Capabilities

Electrochem employs leading chemical, electrical and mechanical engineers, project and supply chain managers, and regulatory experts who are uniquely positioned to convert our customers' concepts into optimized products ready for market use.

Power solutions can no longer be developed as isolated systems. They must be an integral part of the equipment design process from product inception through final fabrication. At Electrochem, our experts work with suppliers and customers to ensure all requirements are met and delivered at the best value and with the highest performing solution available. When we design and manufacture new battery solutions, we bring all stakeholders to the table.

Our engineering services and capabilities include:


  • Concept-to-launch consulting
  • Rapid electrical and mechanical prototyping
  • Technology and regulatory education
  • Project management
  • Design for manufacturability, assembly and test (DFM / DFA / DFT)
  • Cell selection and qualification testing
  • Mechanical design of external plastic enclosure
  • Electrical design of internal electronics (including protection circuits, fuel gauges, serial communications buses (SMBus, I2C, HDQ), LED indicators, battery authentication, cell balancing, and embedded charger)
  • Environmental testing (temperature, shock & vibration, humidity, electrostatic discharge, electromagnetic interference, altitude, and water ingress)

Core Competencies:

  • Rechargeable and non-rechargeable chemistry offerings
  • Customized cell, pack, and charger configurations
  • Full range of environmental testing including temperature, vibration, thermal shock, ingress and more
  • Automated battery test channels
  • Smart battery communication systems
  • Fuel gauging technology
  • Custom micro-programmed solutions

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