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Who We Are

Product Name Founded in 1979, Electrochem is recognized as an industry leader in customized total power solutions for applications where failure is not an option. Our expert knowledge and unparalleled experience have allowed us to develop distinctive solutions that satisfy our customers’ immediate needs, along with designing solutions for their opportunities of tomorrow.

With our recent acquisition of Micro Power Electronics Inc., located in Beaverton, OR, we now provide an even greater range of customized power solutions that enable the success of our customers' critical market applications. The combination of Electrochem and Micro Power brings together two complementary organizations that possess stringent industry certifications, superior product and IP portfolios, engineering expertise, thought leadership, world-class processes, innovative mindsets and financial stability.

Born from the lithium battery, invented for the implantable pacemaker by our founder, Wilson Greatbatch, Electrochem embraces our heritage of quality, performance and innovation. With one of the broadest portfolios on the market today, we offer customized rechargeable and non-rechargeable cells, battery packs, charging and docking stations and power supplies for the energy, military and environmental markets.

With our seasoned team of chemical, mechanical and electrical engineers, project and supply chain managers and regulatory experts from coast to coast, we are positioned to convert your concepts into market ready solutions that can rapidly migrate into cost-effective, full-scale production in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

Our Expert Capabilities

Electrochem possesses robust capabilities in battery technology consulting, engineering, quality and manufacturing for customized solutions, while exercising a keen focus on safety, reliability and superior product performance.

We take pride in the following core competencies, ensuring strong deliverables for each application:

  • Extensive experience in chemical, mechanical and electrical engineering
  • Battery chemistry fundamentals, including our own proprietary electrolyte
  • Rechargeable and non-rechargeable cells and battery packs - design characterization and selection
  • Smart battery packs, power supplies, charging and docking solutions
  • Battery management systems
  • Electronics and circuit board design
  • Regulatory compliance consulting and in-house testing
  • Concept to launch management systems
  • Flexible product solutions and options
  • Technology leadership access, supply chain assurance and manufacturing capacity
  • Safety, qualification and testing capabilities
  • Focus on overall systems design and performance

Our customers benefit from our first class engineering, manufacturing, and customer service capabilities and the industry's best quality record.

The design experts at Electrochem include cell chemistry, mechanical and electrical specialists who have the in-depth knowledge required to keep value and performance high. We offer state-of-the-art cell chemistries, accurate fuel gauging technologies and the latest in smart battery options, and Electrochem battery systems are optimized to deliver maximum performance in the customer's application and verified extensively to perform reliably and safety in challenging work environments.

We closely manage our outsource relationships to make sure components meet or exceed your requirements. Electrochem always designs with cost control in mind, but never sacrifices quality or reliability. We have real-world knowledge in the requirements of our core markets, medical, military and industrial equipment. Our objective is to understand customer requirements, design power systems that meet these requirements, verify and validate that the requirements are met, and efficiently scale up our production processes. Past experience means a wealth of expertise to bring projects in on time and on budget and we rely on the following principles to deliver:

  • New products developed and released using a deliverables-focused New Product Introduction (NPI) process which guarantees accurate translation of customer requirements
  • Diverse experience in electrical and mechanical engineering, cell chemistry, manufacturing and project management provides the optimal design
  • Design-for-manufacturing principles ensures higher system reliability and lower costs
  • Risk mitigation of faulty design can achieved with Failure Mode Effect and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) and Process Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (PFMEA)

Our engineering team is responsible for managing all phases of circuitry design and mechanical design of your battery pack, battery charger or power supply. Electrochem's engineering capabilities include:

  • Diverse experience in electrical and mechanical engineering, cell chemistry, manufacturing, project management and quality systems is distributed among an engineer staff of over 50 highly skilled individuals
  • A robust NPI process which is part of the quality management system along with its associated work instructions, forms, and templates
  • RequisitePro case management tools to manage a trace matrix to track and trace customer requirements from design concept through to production
  • Multiple software applications to manage the deliverables of the NPI process, including MS project, Pilgrim and 4th shift
  • Designs for manufacturability and dual sourcing
  • Dedicated team for the development of prototypes for both batteries and chargers. The prototyping process is expedited by:
    • A reference library that utilizes the latest in power management technology
    • A library of cell qualification test results and a broad variety of cells for prototyping
    • Plastics generated quickly with both stereo-lithography and machining