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State-of-the-Art Facilities

Product NameElectrochem’s world-class facilities provide a bi-coastal footprint located in Raynham, MA – Clarence, NY – and Beaverton, OR.

Electrochem's world-class facilities are located in Raynham, MA and Clarence, NY. Built on 20 acres of land, the 82,000 square foot facility is triple the size of the previous facility and employs over 300 dedicated associates including seasoned design, mechanical and electrical engineers and skilled production personnel. Centered around numerous high-tech battery and engineering-driven businesses, Electrochem is proud to be a part of this progressive technology community.

Our Raynham facility provides the following attributes:

  • The ability to expand production to meet the growing demands of our existing and future customers, along with an enhanced infrastructure to support the introduction of new automation systems and technology solutions.
  • Unparalleled amenities including advanced R&D, rapid prototyping and testing laboratories.
  • Enhanced safety for associates and the environment, with fortified housing, state-of-the-art fire suppression systems and improved tactical layouts and placements of our electrolyte, cathode and dry rooms.
  • A business sensible green facility that reduces emissions and power consumption with high efficiency HVAC and lighting systems, advanced automation and control systems and 10,000 square foot green roof.

Electrochem's battery, charger and power supply quality is delivered through the following processes:

  • Maintaining one of the lowest Defects Per Million (DPM) rates in the entire portable power industry (less than 600 DPM)
  • Risk mitigation of a potentially faulty manufacturing process can be achieved via Process Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (PFMEA) of the manufacturing process
  • Risk mitigation in the design process is achieved with Design Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (DFMEA)
  • Identification and traceability is established by the manufacturing order and is maintained for each product order, recording, assembly, inspection, and test steps
  • Traceability enables Electrochem to track and pinpoint the affected product (unfinished or finished product) within and outside our manufacturing facilities
  • Build in quality with next step inspection, final production tests and sign-offs on each production run
  • Generation and maintenance of Design History Files (DHF), and Device History Records (DHR). DHFs include any records which describe the design history of a device — design review notes, verification plan and results, validation plan and results, FMEA results. DHRs include documentation affiliated with production — test reports, test data, signed build documents, Certificate of Compliance (CoC), and quality assurance checklist
  • Quality process automation, design and process control, document control, and inspection control is managed through the Pilgrim Quality Software

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